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Werkstudent Software Development (m/w/d)

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Gains business, administrative and/or trade experience though on the job training, participation in project work and by working with experienced professionals in a discipline or subject area. Works as a team member within an assigned group or location, accomplishing assignments with guidance from an assigned mentor, attending job-related training and participating in team and/or co-op / internship events.

  • Very good knowledge of German and English, both spoken and written
  • Confident use of MS Office and ERP programs

• Gains understanding of and experience in a designated functional area.

• With guidance, performs assignments of a routine, established nature. Assignments may be in an area as described below.

Business Operations (i.e., Accounting / Finance, Administrative Services, Service Contract Support)

• Gaining understanding of DN systems, processes and procedures within either an internal functional area or a customer support group.

• Gaining experience with data management, customer response and/or related information systems.

• Researching data within assigned and structured datasets.

• Assisting with development of documents and presentations based on data analysis.

• Assisting with research and response to customer inquiries, issues or concerns.

• Ensuring the accuracy of invoice, service contract, accounting or similar documents and data.

• Performing assigned transactional work such as data entry, package preparation, etc.

Technical Operations (i.e., Field Services, Computer Services, Engineering Support)

• Gaining understanding of DN product and/or facility design, development, installation, maintenance and related procedures and processes.

• Contributing to repairs, upgrades, decommissioning, deployment, cabling, etc.

• Assisting with troubleshooting of machine failures, bugs and other issues.

• Assisting with response to customer reported inquiries, issues and concerns.

• Assisting with assigned project work – associated with product or component development, repair or upgrade.

In all cases

• Attends team meetings.

• Proactively seeks to learn and improve capabilities associated with work assignments.

• Solicits and accepts performance related feedback.

• Builds positive and professional working relationships with team members, other work colleagues and with relevant supervisor / manager.

Posting Date: 2024-03-12
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