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IMT 01-2024 Bachelor- / Master Thesis: Biofunctionalization of polymers for bioanalytical applications

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Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)

Ihre Aufgaben

Tools for bioanalytical applications include enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and biosensor measurements. They enable heterogeneous assays for the detection of biomolecules in a wide range of applications, such as the detection of disease markers in blood or contaminants in food or environmental samples. The assays are mostly based on the lock-and-key principle, where one of the binding partners is immobilized on the device surface. Surface functionalization techniques to prepare the devices for the analytical applications must take into account the physical and chemical stability of the materials involved. While ELISAs are usually performed in microplates made of polymers, the materials used in biosensor setups are more diverse; and the use of polymers may be limited to the encapsulation of the actual biosensor unit. The focus of this work is to develop and characterize chemical biofunctionalization methods, that are compatible with typical polymers used in bioanalytical applications.
Your tasks include:
- Selection of polymers for testing
- Stability testing of selected polymers using biofunctionalization chemicals derived from standard protocols
- Substitution of incompatible chemicals
- Testing standard and revised protocols in ELISAs
- Testing standard and revised protocols in biosensor measurements using surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators
The number and depth of the tasks will be adapted to the type and length of the work, i.e., bachelor or master thesis. The thesis can be written in German or English.


by appointment

Ihre Qualifikation

- Study of a relevant subject, such as chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, bioanalytics, chemical engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology
- Knowledge of chemistry, including chemistry laboratory courses
- Willingness to work in a multidisciplinary environment

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