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NXP ISP development team is hiring new interns to join their ranks! Applicable for our Roznov and Brno sites.

Does the headline give you more questions than answers? Curious about what we do in NXP? Great, curiosity is a good trait for self-development and expertise accumulation! But first, let's investigate what you are looking for - by asking some simple questions - about your future career expectations:

  • Are you interested in latest trends in image processing, and you want to pursue those studies to become a true expert in this field?
  • Is your dream job tobecome a master of state-of-the-art image quality measuring/calibration equipment available in our lab? To become wanted camera calibration or image quality specialist while having the opportunity to play with all our cool gadgets?
  • Are you aiming to become an expert testerwho provides the invaluable backbone for our developers? You want to keep an eye for team's code quality, drive the development process simplification, design and write test cases or even investigate new testing areas such as automization of the image quality checks to prevent unwillingly induced bugs by wrong commits.
  • Or you are more into real science and you want to investigate cross field approaches to ISP, such as machine learning applications, optimization methods, image quality measurements and much, much more...? The boundaries are placed where your own imagination ends...

Now, let's do the check - were we able to meet at least in one topic from the above questions? If your answer is YES you should definitely keep reading - this opened position might be tailored exactly to your expectations. No matter for us which college grade you study right now - it's never soon enough to start shaping your career by gaining the expertise in real industry. Let's deep dive now into some info about our products and team itself.

Who we are and what we do?

ISP or Image Signal Processor

is a specialized processor with one and only task: to clean up the signal coming from raw camera sensor and produce the "nice image". The ISP basically mimics the human photographer using the analog camera - before each picture take, the adjustments on the exposure, focus etc. must be done. In the ISP case, it's much more complicated because of the number of image corrections available - let's just take one example starting from the end - what is "nice image" definition? Basically, we don't have general definition, in contrary, we have uncountable number of "nice image" definitions - it all depends on the output image usage - different quality is expected by human eye (camera), different expectations are for classical vision processing algos... and the same holds if we feed it to some neural network classifier. We can find specific needs for almost every use-case of the ISP. The same complexity holds for all correction algos in the device. To explain the ISP in more familiar example everybody encountered - let's investigate the mobile phone camera:

  • You can notice the ISP performance differences on (almost) every phone camera (visiting the shop and comparing them is the best experience). You might notice different scene adjustment speeds, exposure control behavior, the true representation of black and white colors on the display or presence of any unwanted artifacts in the image. You can see also different "nice image" definitions on various devices e.g. in color representation: some phones have vivid unnatural colors (interestingly usually perceived as more attractive by human eye), the others have in contrary very realistic colors (better if used in image editor).

Our team mission is simple: To push the ISP development forward by creating attractive, innovative ISP products for devices such as multimedia processors, embedded devices etc..

Our team, internally called ITEC

is quite young in NXP (this year we celebrate our 3rd anniversary). However, you might find very soon it's full of super-smart, highly motivated people with passion for their jobs! We value friendship, nice and pleasant working environment, teamwork, precision, proactivity and above all, ethics! Thanks to all of those aspects, you can be sure you never hear NO from your peers when you ask for help, when you need an advice or just you curiously ask something in order to absorb some of their experience! The personality of our team members is always one of major factors considered for hiring!

In ITEC, we have a variety of developer specializations. The reason - we need experts from various areas basically because we influence everything linked with ISP starting with ISP algo simulations, software SDK development, FW development, quality management and automated testing, lab tooling and ending with customer demonstrations, documentations, trainings... We are looking for people specialised as:

  • pure SW developers
  • embedded SW developers
  • frontend developers
  • HW oriented experts
  • tooling developers
  • dedicated ISP experts

If you are not sure, don't hesitate to ask and tell us what would be your dream job focus and let's see if we find a match...

In ITEC's product portfolio,

despite the age of the team, you can already find a considerable number of activities, and more are expected to come in near future! Let's look on our major ones: 

  • We have already our first SoC in our portfolio.
  • We provide a full ISP software stack to enable customers to use our device on the chip. 
  • We built a fully equipped lab used for measuring/calibrating the quality of images produced by our ISP. 
  • We operate our own CI/CD infrastructure for automated testing and release package generations, integrated board farms as well as prototyping FPGAs for next-gen development. 
  • We develop our ISP algorithm library based on various approaches for image processing - the library can be used in our ISP software simulator to fully simulate the designed functionality.
  • And much more is expected to come in near future - we aim to touch topics such as: machine learning applications, mathematical optimization methods, and of course, even more SoCs and MCUs with ISP are on the way.

So... still found yourself nodding in agreement while reading above lines? Interested? Very good!

What would be your daily job, if you are hired into our team? (Please note not all apply at the same time - as it was mentioned, we have a number of options and specialisations)

Your responsibilities:

  • Driver and middleware development for ISP solution (SW and FW)
  • Design and implementation of demo applications showing full ISP functionality
  • Front end development for tools and applications
  • Tool design and development for our camera calibration laboratory
  • R&D (Image processing and ISP) for next-gen devices
  • ISP algorithm development
  • Customer & partner support in technical tasks
  • Design and implementation of our CI/CD infrastructure
  • Design and execution of tests, verification and validation on embedded software

Your profile:

  • Ongoing study on college focused to electronics, computer science, applied mathematics or similar (any grade)
  • English language level intermediate and above is essential
  • Interest/expertise in image processing, signal processing or image quality (even as active photographer, graphical designer)
  • Expertise in C/C++ programming is essential (taking into account current college grade)
  • Expertise in ISP development is an great advantage
  • Experience with Linux OS, QNX or other RTOS is an advantage
  • Experience with embedded devices development is an advantage
  • Expertise in test automation, automation tools etc. is an advantage
  • Experience with SW quality or functional safety is an advantage
  • Expertise in front end state-of-the-art tools and languages is an advantage

The end, at last :-)

If you reached this part, respect to you! It's definitely a very good proof of your determination to finish the job :-) At the same time, we believe you could be a valuable asset to our team!

In case you are interested to take this opportunity and be part of an international company during your ongpoing studies we will be happy to meet you in person in one of our sites (Roznov and Brno) where we can discuss in more detail yours and ours expectations, give you more insight into our work topics, you can visit our ISP lab (Roznov only) or just simply, you can meet your future colleagues as well!

The intern job in NXP does not want to compete with the college - it's in our interest as well that you finish your studies. For this reason, the interns have very flexible working hours which can react to any changes in college schedule during the year.

So, what's the next step?

Just click on the Apply button, complete the application form and wait until our nice and friendly HR team will contact you to discuss first meeting possibilities.

And a little bit of motivation at the end...

You might ask, why the college is not enough nowadays? Let's look on a symple analogy - the programming and similar technical skills are simply like playing the musical instrument - you need to practice... a lot... if you want to become an expert! Studies of theory and playing few exercises will give you necessary background and show you a path with starting line drawn - but it's only up to you if you choose to actually walk it to reach your dreamed destination... Or you keep staying on the start line hope something happens.

The ultimate goalof such combined internship and college study is, obviously. the job market value of such student compared to their peers who did not choose to raise their expertise in any way. The decision to be voluntarily employed as an intern is a indisputable sign of person's determination to achieve something in what they choose to study!

More information about NXP in Czech Republic...


  • Location: Roznov; Brno
  • Type: Full time
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